Industry Verticals
Oil & Gas
SAP Industry Solution- Oil & Gas helps you to address the day-to-day business challenges and focus on key industry segment scenarios. Oriented along a generic industry value chain, the scenario-oriented maps document and illustrate the end-to-end business processes of a typical enterprise in a certain industry, showing the relationship of the enterprise with suppliers and partners, customers and channels
The Petrochemical industry is an intensely complex and competitive industry. Petrochemical commodities start ranging as something from as mundane as plastic carry bags to shoes. This industry covers an entire spectrum with complex network and operational needs.
BaasKaar offers SAP solutions, which will help you improve the performance of all business processes within your project and facility life cycles, collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers. This would help you become more competitive and achieve your business goals.
To achieve growth, manufacturing companies must maintain operating systems that are flexible enough to adapt to shifting market conditions. Medium-sized companies need to achieve this while keeping costs down and often without a dedicated team trained to manage the IT systems. As a result, many find themselves unable to compete.
BaasKaar exercises SAP’s Best Practices for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supports SMEs that require rapid implementation and large companies that want to create a corporate template for their subsidiaries. Whether you are a new or existing SAP customer, using SAP Best Practices for FMCG gets your solutions up and running quickly. It describes exactly how best to implement various key business processes in your system including how to set up and configure your SAP. These combinations of best practices are delivered to you as an unrivalled combination of detailed business documentation that describes first-in-class business practices and a complete set of technical tools and information to help you implement the business processes.
SAP offers integrated, end-to-end solutions for all core business processes that deliver a measurable ROI and reduce TCO in the media industry. We have work experience with leading publishers and successfully implemented the SAP for Media solution portfolio. BaasKaar and SAP are your stable, long term partner providing solutions tailored to your specific business needs not only in today’s scenario but in the future too.
As a healthcare service provider today, you face an unprecedented challenge balancing high quality patient services with the evolving healthcare standards, increased government regulations, emerging e-business trends, rising patient expectations and a demand for lower healthcare costs.
Today the most common messages we hear from companies is that they are not looking to buy more systems, but to leverage benefits from what they have already invested in. Our objective is to deliver more functionality to the user, improved processes and procedures with real business benefits.
Through our expertise in SAP-related knowledge transfer and learning, SAP Education can help your company create, protect, and reap significant value from your SAP investment. SAP Education's offerings enable you to benefit from lower total cost of ownership and an ongoing, optimal return on your investment throughout the software life cycle. So you can:
  • Implement solutions faster at reduced cost
  • Mitigate project and business risks
  • Decrease support costs with faster and higher acceptance among end users
  • Achieve operational excellence and growth
  • Ensure faster adoption of new releases and changes in business processes
Public Sector

SAP for Public Sector greatly optimizes resources in public administration and helps government to maximize public value by rendering all front-office services. It supports a spectrum of business processes across government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services. It helps in efficiently manage time, money and resources by fulfilling all service requirements from time to time. SAP Solutions can be used to integrate information, processes, and technology of different organizations working towards a common objective.

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